Discarding Cookbooks…Gasp!

I recently heard of someone throwing out all their old cookbooks.  Why bother with a book when any recipe you want is available online?

Geez, might as well say why bother with old friends…

My cookbooks, even recent ones, tend to be spotted and marked, the spines broken to reveal favourite pages.  There are notes in the margins where I tinkered the recipe to suit my tastes… I know exactly which recipe is in which book.

I admit, I get the concept of discarding cookbooks; it would free up a whole lot of valuable kitchen space.  But…

An online recipe will not evoke memories of dinner parties, or birthdays, or that time I forgot to turn the oven on… 

I like leafing through my Mother’s old cookbooks and seeing her distinctive and sometimes illegible handwriting as she also tinkered with her favourite recipes. 

No, as I said previously regarding ebooks and digital music, there is a physicality to my cookbooks that I am not ready to give up.  Sure, maybe someday, but for now, I’ll keep those tattered and stained old friends.

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