MaryJane and Mrs. Hemp

Canada is moving toward full legalization of marijuana in July of 2o18.  There are endless discussions going on in the media regarding the implications, the possible government revenue, the effect on youth culture, addiction issues, and so on and on.

While all the attention is going to marijuana, I thought I would weigh in on hemp instead.  If there is an agricultural crop that has the potential to change the economy it is hemp. 

Hemp is not just for hippy t-shirts anymore.

The potential uses of hemp fibres are endless.  Hemp seeds and hemp oils are being touted as health foods, and possible concussion treatments. 

That’s interesting.  You know we can all use more heart healthy additives to our granola, but what about hemp as a biodegradable alternative to plastic?  Even if we don’t quite have the technology (yet) to manufacture plastic water bottles from hemp, surely the plastic can holders on our 6-packs of Molson Canadian can be produced from hemp.

Did you know that the more exclusive brands of toilet paper are made from virgin forest?  No recyclables included.  Hemp toilet paper is a worthy alternative and probably equally as ‘squeezable’.   

In Canada, it is legal to grow hemp as a crop, but there are still numerous restrictions which impede the ability to make a profit.  In the U.S., well, let’s just say it is in process.

If you read a few of the links I have attached you will see that the issue is mired in ‘green tape’.  It seems that even though the logic and research supports industrial uses of hemp, it will be a slow turn around for hemp to become as common and benign in the public eye as a field of corn.  

In the meantime, lets support the little guys.  Buy a hemp t-shirt today.

This week’s episode, posted without green or red tape is ready; Contentment is for Cows; Scene Five.

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