On Being a Phoney

Ever met a phoney three year old?  The creature does not exist.  A three year old does not know how to be anything other than who they are. There is no working at self improvement, no self help program, no self-consciousness.  Every three year old is the best three year old they be.  Temper tantrums and all.  They are what they are feeling in that moment.    

What if we were all like that?  Skip the temper tantrums maybe, but what if we didn’t have the capability, the capacity, to cover up, to distort our feelings?  Honesty would not be a policy, but an inherent characteristic. 

There would be little room for deception, but it would also mean being true to yourself.  

Let’s find out who’s being phoney… this week’s episode has been posted at Contentment is for Cows.

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