Everybody’s a Good Driver

If you ask a driver to assess their own driving skill, almost every driver will tell you they are a good driver.  Self assessment of driving skills is subjective.  But for passengers, and others on the road, driving skills are objective.  Apparently, I am a tail gaiter.  I myself, don’t see it, but others (ahem, sisters…) tell me it is true.   I will say though, that I make perfect, right angled left turns.  I never cut over the yellow line for the opposite lane of traffic.

Self driving vehicles are here.  Habits, like tail gaiting, sloppy left turns, and speeding are all soon to be programmed out of existence. 

I was initially resistant to the idea of self-driving cars.  It just doesn’t ‘seem’ right to give up control of driving where a technical glitch could be fatal.  However, consider this; the technology for self driving vehicles improves all the time.  Bugs are worked out, ‘bad habits’ are recoded.  Accuracy in lane changes and turns is continually refined. 

Humans can never lay claim to steadily improving driving skills.  Only our assessment of our driving skill improves.  And, as we all know, driving skills and self-rated skills are two different things.

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