In last week’s post I had intended to give everyone fair warning that there would be no post this holiday weekend.   It has been an enormously busy time for me and a little break was required.  Sometimes you just have to say uncle and let something go…

In my haste to post, I forgot to mention that alert.  I don’t mind missing a week so much, but I do mind not letting readers know ahead of time.

In light of that, Dear Readers, I do have something for you this week.  We’ll take a wee break from our story line ‘In Art Pursuit’ and look at something I drew a while ago.  Circa 2011.

In the early stages of learning to draw, I designed the cat and dog characters.   In order to sample how they would look together in a scene, I drew the little vignette that is posted today.  It was my first time drawing the animals in action, also my first attempt at drawing furniture.  Eight pages long, it took me forever.  The colouring is done with markers as opposed to the watercolours I use now.  The paper was scrap paper from my office.  There are no borders, no circles around the dialogue… yet the scene remains one of my favourites.

I hope you enjoy it, and your long weekend too.  Next week we resume with Bella’s adventures in the European art world.

‘The Vulgarsnipe’ has been posted at  Contentment is for Cows.

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