On Hands

Hands, after faces are probably the most expressive part of our bodies.

I like hands. I notice hands.  I often remember what ‘type’ of hands someone has. 

My Father had big well shaped competent hands.  Descended from a long line of cabinet makers, house builders and apparently ship builders, I used to picture those same hands on all those fathers before him. 

My sister has a feminine version of those hands that I enjoy watching as she cooks and chops.  The artist in her never quits –no one on the planet makes finer, more evenly flattened and rounded hamburger patties…

I like to look at the hands of older people.  Just think of the lifelong list of tasks those hands have completed; all the cooking, building, creating, comforting, holding, soothing, cleaning, knitting, gardening…

Hands have become one of the highlights of my drawings.   I think I draw hands very well, thank you.  Hands are not easy to draw, but they are so expressive, and a simple gesture can say so much, I did not want to default to ‘cartoon mitts’. 

Drawn by hand, with a couple of hands in the picture, this week’s scene of Contentment is for Cows has been posted.   

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