On Sleep

We apparently spend a third of our lives sleeping.  Or, at least we are supposed to. Since the industrial era, sleep has been gradually viewed more and more as an obstacle to increased production.  In tandem with the rise of capitalism and caffeine sales, an attitude arose that there are better things to do than sleep.

Ariana Huffington, the woman behind the Huffington Post, chose to forego sleep while she was building her news empire — until one day in pure exhaustion she collapsed at her desk.  She fell so hard, she broke her cheekbone. 

With all the zeal of a reformed smoker, Ariana is now a cheerleader promoting the benefits of a good night’s sleep.  And the benefits are many.  Ariana’s new book The Sleep Revolution outlines the latest research on sleep.  Turns out everything from your general health, mental health, immune system, rates of cancer, type 2 diabetes, and alzheimer’s are all linked in varying degrees to your personal sleep quality.

Workers at the Huffington Post in New York now have access to ‘sleep pods’ and are welcome to nap during the day if they need to.

Nap pods!  What a revolutionary change from the attitude “I’ll sleep when I’m dead.” Or, to quote one of my sisters, “Sleep is an imposition.”

Me, I have always been a fan of sleep.  I recognized long ago that I am positively useless without my proper sleep allotment.  I am also a good napper, if the need arises.  Not that I don’t enjoy the occasional late night, it’s just that I don’t (can’t) make a habit of it.  And, trust me, the world is a better place when I get enough sleep.

At Contentment is for Cows we put this chapter to sleep and move on from Brewster and the boys.  Next week, we start up with the latest turn in Bella’s life and the schmozzle she drags her sisters into.  Can’t wait.

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