Dear Readers,

The inspiration for this web site and comic strip was an unexpected and uninvited visitor to my life. I had not picked up a pencil to draw anything for over 30 years.  I was not a writer, I had no creative hobbies, I did not consider myself a particularly creative person.  

Out of a simple conversation with my sister, I followed a wisp of inspiration and started to create episodes, characters, drawings.  Those ideas would not leave me alone until I had taught myself how to draw and built a home for the series on the web site, www.contentmentisforcows.com

In the process, I rediscovered the joy of being creative.  I hope readers of the comics series and this companion blog, enjoy the stories and perhaps find a little inspiration to follow their own creative spark.

You can make your Sundays just that much more fun by subscribing to this Contentment is for Cows blog. A short and sweet post is sent every Sunday and serves as an alert that the next scene in the comics series has been uploaded to www.contentmentisforcows.com

Comments and feedback are always welcome and can be shared in the comments section on this blog site.  There is (of course) a Facebook page at www.facebook.com/contentmentisforcows –it’s there, just waiting for you to like it.  These blog posts are published on the Facebook page as well.

Finally, a request; if you enjoy this comic series, please share it.  Send it along to your favourite email list, your book club, your sisters, Facebook it, whatever you prefer.  I will appreciate it.


Anne Milne




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