No Wonder You Were Blocked

IMG_20150222_105733One of my sisters volunteers as an editor for these blog pages and she told me about three blogs ago, “Stop apologizing” for the art not being good enough…
It was a very useful thing for her to say.  She is the genuine artist in the family.  ( She can draw, she just chooses not to.
I have a memory of  when I was about three, my sister was given a charcoal set to draw with.  I was fascinated with the set and could not wait to get my pudgy three year old fingers on those charcoals.  My father wound my fingers back off the box and said I could not play with these — they were for my sister, “Because she can draw and you can’t.”
Recently, while visiting over a glass of wine, I told my sister this story.  Her response was,
“Oh, Well no wonder you were blocked.”
‘Blocked’.  Not, ‘can’t draw’ –just blocked.  What is blocked in your mind can be unblocked.  So, without apologies, Scene One of Chapter Two is posted today.