The Dreaded Flu Virus

I am not usually prone to getting the flu.  The last time I had the flu, was New Year’s Eve, Y2K.  I remember thinking, for the first time, ‘Oh, this is why people die from the flu.’

So here I am with my second flu in almost two decades and I should count myself lucky.  I did have a flu shot this year, by the way.

The great Spanish flu of 1918 was devastating.  My own personal connection to that particular flu virus was that my Grandfather and his father had just immigrated from Scotland.  They were both builders and had plans to establish a Father-Son business in the housing market.  However, the best laid plans says Robbie Burns… My great Grandfather succumbed to the flu, leaving my Grandfather alone with dashed plans on foreign soil.

I suppose, all’s well that ends well.  My grandfather met and married my Grandmother, a recent immigrant from Ireland, and life went on.

This week’s episode has been posted, with decidedly less enthusiasm than usual; Contentment is for Cows; Scene Six.

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