Human Error, Part Two

The expression says it all.

Human error is a fact, not an oxymoron.

I am in favour of self driving cars.  The technology for self driving is improved upon every day.  Improve, test, improve, repeat. 

The same cannot be said for human drivers.  If anything we seem to get worse at driving in spite of (or perhaps because of) more and more safety features on our vehicles.

Will accidents still occur with self driving cars?  Of course.  Supposedly, with cell phones, there would be less dialling errors, but now we have that amusing phenomenon, ‘pocket dialling’.

In 1991, the best minds in astro physics sent a rocket off into nowhere because one division was using the metric system another division was using the imperial system.  Human error coupled with a monumental failure to communicate.

And, the 2017 Oscar went to…?? Wrong Envelope Please.  Last year’s ceremony is memorable for the wrong movie announcement for Best Picture.  The process behind the Oscars is particularly anti-technology.  Cards are printed, envelopes are stuffed and handed to presenters.  You can’t improve that process error proof through technology.

I think errors make us uncomfortable.  Much of technology is/was invented to reduce human error.  The typewriter was developed  to improve on the speed and clarity of handwriting.  We swapped uncrossed ‘t’s for typos.  Or, as I like to call them, ‘typoos’.  

The point is there is no getting away from errors.  It’s better to embrace them, forgive them, and move on.

Posted without error, I hope, is this week’s episode, Contentment is for Cows; Scene Four.

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