Light Bulb Moments

If you are like most people, you get ‘stuck’ sometimes.  Being stuck can apply to life in general, i.e., feeling stuck and uninspired in your work, or ‘stuck’ in a relationship, or simply ‘stuck’ on solving the crossword.

Being stuck is normal.  It happens all the time.  The magic and fun of being stuck occurs in that moment when you get ‘unstuck’.  It makes the time spent being stuck seem worthwhile. 

Don’t believe me?  Think of that moment when you return to your ‘stuck’ crossword and the answer zaps into your brain with a matching flashing sign that says, “Why didn’t you see this before?” 

To experience that zap, in that moment, is why anybody does crosswords in the first place.  The pleasure of solving is derived only after you’ve been stuck.  Easy answers bring no joy.

Same thing in life I think.  Getting unstuck from a job or relationship brings relief, excitement, joy. 

Sometimes solutions to being stuck come to us when we least expect it — in those moments when we are not quite in thinking mode; we’re on autopilot, taking care of minor details but our mind is busy working things out in the background.  That’s why so many good ideas (or solutions) occur to us as we do something every day and mundane, like step out of the shower.

Zap.  Lightbulb on and somebody’s home. 

For the most part, I don’t think you can force getting ‘unstuck’.  The harder you think, the more you feel stuck.  Thoughts such as ‘I will never get this’ start to interfere. 

Same thing if you are stuck on larger life issues.  Solutions, opportunities, and choices appear when you least expect them.  Just try to be home when that light bulb presents itself.

Well, the light bulb is on at Contentment is for Cows; Scene Two has been posted.

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