We’re Back

…and here we are… January of 2018 and Bella and characters are all returning for Chapter Ten, ‘A Little Haunting, A Little Taunting’.

Art is a wonderful thing.  Endless possibilities, no right, no wrong. Just do it. 

But I’ve been thinking lately the really work of art is ourselves. Really. I don’t mean beauty, best clothes, or the perfect shade of lipstick (although…)

No, What I’m talking about here is personal growth.  A little bit of striving to be ‘better’… but that is not the right word.  I mean a little bit of striving to improve.  Improve relations, people skills, the basics of personal growth.

We can create beautiful works, but the real work is being the best version of yourself.  And let’s not forget, it takes years to create a masterpiece.  That’s the best part of aging… just as your are morphing into the masterpiece that is you, you are old.  Ahh, here’s another rub, and another topic — to be the best possible masterpiece for your age…

The masterpiece that is Scene One has been posted.  Click on the yellow ‘The Latest’ button and we’re off and running.

It’s great to be back.

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