Dear Readers, Part two

Chapter nine, In Art Pursuit draws to a close with today’s post.  And I begin my hiatus from posting every week. I will post occasionally just to stay in touch and offer hints at what Chapter Ten will bring us.

Contentment is for Cows started as a creative experiment.  I was just following a wisp of an idea for a comic strip.  Before I knew it, I had written whole scenes, dialogue, ideas for characters, story lines, and plot twists.  Prior to this, I had had no idea that I was capable of putting a story together. 

Learning something new everyday is one thing, learning something about yourself is, well, quite another.  It was a gratifying surprise.  Learning to draw was an entirely different experience, but enough has been said in these pages about that.

I want to clarify that I am not taking a break from creating Contentment is for Cows, I am merely, (merrily), taking a break from the weekly deadline. 

Many thanks to all of you, Dear Readers, who have been so very supportive and encouraging every step of the way.  Back in January of 2014, there were very few of you.  I tend to picture all of you readers as an audience.  There were a lot of empty seats back in those early days.  Now, while we may not need a stadium, the room is filling up. 

I will return with weekly posts January 7, 2018.

Again, many thanks.

Your comments, questions, ideas and suggestions are always welcome, especially now in light of this change.   You can choose between Facebook, Twitter, or the contact button.  

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 The final scene of In Art Pursuit has been posted at Contentment is for Cows.