Dear Readers,

“My tail is draggin’, man.” is perhaps how Muttley would say it.  “I need to park my rear.” is how Gertie would say it, and Bella would pronounce, “Good God, but I am fatigued.”

Me, I am going to say it plainly, “I need time.”  Aside from a few holiday weekends and Christmas breaks, I have been committed to posting new scenes every week since January of 2015.  Hell or high water.

The scenes I deliver are the result of ‘just in time production’.  I have not quit the proverbial day job and I work four days a week.  To plan, draw, letter, and paint these pages takes me two days, and sometimes two and a half.  I have to say uncle and admit I am running out of steam.  For those of you who know me personally, you know that there are some health issues in my household and my energies may be needed elsewhere. 

Having said all this, let me clarify — there is a profound difference between fatigue and burn out.  I am planning a break, not a break-up.  I remain committed, but I would like a wee bit of time to pause, reflect and learn new tricks. 

After ‘In Art Pursuit’ has drawn to a close, I will take a break from posting every week.  The weekly posts will return with a new chapter beginning Sunday, January 7th of 2018.  That is my promise to you, Dear Readers, come hell or, whatever.

This change of plans is still in the drawing board stage.  My brainy wheels are still turning over whether to continue with this weekly blog, maybe posting a few teasers (teasers only, never spoilers) about the next chapter.

We’ll see.

Your comments, questions, ideas and suggestions are always welcome, especially now in light of this change.   You can choose between Facebook, Twitter, or the contact button.  

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