I read a book recently in which a young Chinese girl had her feet bound, as was the practice in 19th century China for girls of a certain social stature.  Foot binding was painful and debilitating but was considered attractive, beautiful even. 

In the story, the same Chinese girl with the bound feet goes to Europe where she observes that European women bind their waists instead of their feet.  A tightly cinched waistline encased in a whale bone corset would also be painful and debilitating.  At the time, a cinched waist was also considered very attractive.   

These are physical examples of bindings –fashions if you will, all to make us more attractive. 

Really, the bindings we impose on ourselves that are non-physical are far more limiting.  And we all have those — reasons why we cannot make certain choices, or speak in public, or leave a job or whatever it may be for you.  These mental bindings are not at all like a Chinese bound foot.  They are more like the whale bone corset.  They can be taken off.

High heels could be considered by some to be painful and binding, so let’s go see how Bella is doing this week… this week’s episode has been posted at Contentment is for Cows.

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