Keeping Score is Overrated

If you’ve read anything recently about marketing, you would have come across the name Seth Godin.  He is a marketing guru, but really, he is the ultimate anti-marketer.  Seth’s marketing strategy is actually pretty simple; focus on quality, produce a quality product, create a quality client experience, and the rest takes care of itself.

His daily blog offers food for hungry marketers and in a recent post he commented that ‘keeping score is overrated’. 

Well.  Humans certainly loooove to keep score.  Think of all the stats we collect on just about everything.  And then we spend endless hours analyzing what those stats are telling us and how to improve our scores. 

If I were a sports coach, I would tell my players to pay no attention to the score.  An athlete should not ‘play harder’ because the score says they are behind.  An athlete should be playing hard anyway.  Just like anyone in any business.

A hockey fan friend of mine says a two goal lead in a game is the most dangerous lead.  The team relaxes with the two goals… ‘we’ve got this…’  until they don’t. 

Low scores may be demoralizing, but a high score may encourage resting on the proverbial laurels.

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