Unwavering Resilience

“Unwavering resilience’ is a phrase I came across in an article written by a woman lamenting Hilary Clinton’s loss of the US election.  I liked the phrase so much, I wrote it down.  You can appreciate the sentiment the phrase intended at the time in those early days of shock and ‘what just happened?’

As a political statement, it implies being stalwart, don’t give up the fight, recoup your energies and carry on.

For most of us in our daily lives, unwavering resilience might apply to situations like not letting a critical boss get to you, or picking up endless dirty socks that are not yours, or having to make lunches past ten o’clock at night. 

I learned a lesson last week in what unwavering resilience really means.  My friend Ericka lost her battle to cancer.   In the face of that illness, she relied on her characteristic optimism.  No matter what the disease brought her, no matter what discomforts, or more procedures, she was steadfast in her belief that she was getting better. 

Even at the end, when she knew she was in palliative care, she was expecting to get better. 

She greeted a seemingly endless line of visitors and family who came to say goodbye with grace and humour. 

Now that is unwavering resilience.

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