In Praise of Graphic Novels

I attended the Toronto Comic Arts Festival (TCAF) this weekend.  TCAF is not a comic-con style convention where people dress up as their favourite obscure character from their favourite obscure comic.  This is an arts festival.  It celebrates the talent behind graphic novels, comics, and, ahem, web comics.

There is sooo much talent out there in the graphic arts field.  All manner of genres are covered in all kinds of art styles.  I could have bought fifty books if I’d let myself. 

If you haven’t yet read a graphic novel, may I suggest it is time you did?  Summer reading season is coming up, and a graphic novel could be just the perfect read whilst you lounge in your hammock with a mint julep at your side.

I suggest starting at your local library.  Most libraries today have a section devoted to graphic novels. 

Or, send me a note regarding the type of book you most enjoy reading.  I’d be happy to suggest a suitable graphic novel in the genre of your choice.  Or, check out the list I suggested in this previous blog.

The TCAF poster I used for this week’s blog was designed by Sana Takeda.

This week’s graphic episode of Contentment is for Cows has been posted.   

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