On Cancer

There is no playing six degrees of separation when it comes to cancer.  For most of us, the experience of cancer runs close– more like one or two, or zero degrees.

In my experience, the hardest time for most cancer patients occurs at the beginning.  The ‘pre-diagnosis’ stage.  …“It may be this… it may be that, we don’t know, we need more tests, and so on, and so on…” 

Once treatment starts, in my humble opinion, it is best to approach it like a grade nine detention.  Put your head down and get it over with. 

How appropriate is it that April was chosen as cancer awareness month?  A spring month representing hope and rejuvenation.  For each of us who lost someone to cancer, we all know a few survivors.  And there are plenty of those.

I have a ninety year old friend –not your average ninety year old by a long shot mind you, but ninety all the same.  Her words, and I quote, “I remember when all my hair fell out, and here I am.  Here I am.”

Go hug a survivor before April closes out.  

And, if you yourself are a survivor, or a patient, go hug your supporters.

After your hugs are administered and received, relax with this week’s episode of Contentment is for Cows.   

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