Typos are insidious, sneaky little things that invade our perfect sentences.  Seemingly sly, a typo asserts itself, undetected by spellcheck, slipping under the radar of the editor’s eye.  I especially like when I find a typo that has inadvertently changed a sentence’s meaning and added unintended humour.

I present to you three of my favourites;

While reading a list of 101 benefits of beeswax, I was surprised to learn it is good for rest prevention*.  I am careful not to use beeswax at night lest I ruin my sleep.

My technology department at work sent an email to warn us all of a scheduled power outrage between midnight and two p.m.  I considered myself forewarned.

A civic minded young woman I know once posted notices all around her small town inviting every one to attend the pubic meeting.  Not sure how the meeting turned out, but she has been a fastidious editor ever since.

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Spell checked and double checked, this week’s installment (Canadian spelling, not a typo…) of Contentment is for Cows has been posted.   

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* In case you don’t know 101 uses for beeswax, the typo ‘rest’ was supposed to be ‘rust’.