Moby Dick

Who would not know of the book, Moby Dick?  Herman Melville’s classic tale of man versus the leviathan.  Even someone who had never read the book understands at least the basics of the story just through reputation alone.

I have always been an avid reader.  Generally speaking, I will happily read just about anything that is well written, from classics to chick lit.  Moby Dick however, has been my stumbling block.  Over the years I have tried several times to enter into that whale of a story  but could not get absorbed.  The opening chapters (which, after so many attempts, I am most familiar with) just seemed so tedious, — lengthy detailed descriptions that struck me, sorry Mr. Melville, but kinda boring. 

In spite of my many attempts at finishing the book, I remained fascinated by the story. How could such a classic tale elude me?  In many ways the book itself become my own Moby Dick.  I became determined to conquer it.

Enter in the audiobook.  I have long been a fan of audiobooks.  I find the experience of being read to a relaxing and unique way to enjoy a story.  The most tiresome of tasks become so much more enjoyable with an audiobook playing in the back ground.

Anyway, I have started Moby Dick anew — as an audiobook.  I am at last absorbed into the story, impatient to hit the play button and hear the next chapter.  I was so immediately impressed, I had to pull out my paper copy to make sure I was not listening to an abridged, or some cheap ‘modernized’ version.  Nope.  Same Moby Dick, same Ishmael, same Ahab.  Different experience.  

Sometimes, a new medium goes a long way.  

Sail on over to  Contentment is for Cows where we begin Chapter Nine, “In Art Pursuit”.   

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