On Daylight Savings

I have been on both sides of showing up for an appointment an hour early, and patiently waiting an hour.

What most makes me question the daylight savings practice is that it was started as a temporary measure. Decades and decades ago is not my definition of temporary.

Turning our clocks ahead at this point in our culture’s modernity really accomplishes nothing but car accidents, depression, and angst.  (Witness this blog as an accidental angst fuelled product of sleep deprivation…) 

Why do we keep doing it?  Because we’ve been doing it this way for so long, seems to be the answer.

Continuing a practice just because it exists is no reason to continue.  An acid test question for businesses or any endeavour is, “If we were starting out today, would we still do things this way?”  I wonder if we were to put the practice of daylight savings time to a public vote, ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, I wonder which side would win out?

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