A Return to a Classic

Years ago, (decades, to be honest), I was seduced away from my big, heavy, well seasoned, cast iron frying pans in favour of lighter, non-stick, new fangled, easy to clean frying pans.

Weeks ago, while cleaning out boxes, I came across my two old cast iron fry pan friends.  Well, what else do you do when you meet up with old friends?  Wine was poured, and we caught up.

I scrubbed them both with steel wool, dutifully re-seasoned them and then we got to cooking. 

At first, these pans seemed to be heavy high maintenance relics.  Now, after a few weeks of cooking with the cast iron, I look at the teflon pans and they seem flimsy and not up to the task.

Oh! That cast iron holds the heat so well.  It’s almost like those pans add a secret ingredient.  Everything seems to taste better having been cooked in them.

So I am wondering why did I ever give them up?

I know very well why.  I was seduced away from a tried and true classic to something new and flashy. 

This experience makes me wonder, what else have I given up in favour of something new and supposedly better?  Land lines versus cell phone comes to mind…

Any thoughts?

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