Who has More Fun than People?

When circumstances are not perfect, or there has been a glitch in plans, a friend of mine is fond of saying, “Ahh, who has more fun than people?”  It is a useful saying to bring humour to those moments when things are not running smoothly, but it also works for those times when you are genuinely having fun, enjoying companions and life is good.

Embedded in the question is the supposition that there exists a separate group of ‘others’ to compare to.  Of course there isn’t, but ‘people’ is the key word that lends the phrase it’s humour and philosophy. 

‘People’ implies more than one,  a whole community, or perhaps the entire human race.  The ‘fun’ is derived from our foibles, from our actions, from our very interactions together, whether it is rallying and ranting over politics, or traffic, or just companionable silence watching a sunset.

Really, “Who has more fun than people?”

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