The Evolution of a Comic Strip

Trust me, it gets better.

Trust me, it gets better.

In order for something to evolve, it has to have starting point.

The initial seed for this comic strip was born of a simple conversation that wasn’t about creating at all. The talk was just about the enjoyment of favourite comic strips. A simple comment about what a cool occupation being a comic strip writer would be became the seed that germinated into the idea for this strip. The inspiration to create took hold.

The inspiration brought the motivation to physically create; to start writing, to imagine dialogue, situations and characters.

The motivation brought results; I have three chapters written, over 100 pages drawn, and now a web site and a blog.

“Mother Mary on Horseback, What’s next?”

A simple conversation, and look what evolved.

Thanks for reading;  to see the first scene from Chapter One, click over to the website.   If you would like to follow the story, new scenes will be posted weekly and the easiest way to follow is to sign up for the blog emails.  New blog posts and new comic pages will be posted at the same time.

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