Trust Me, It gets Better

Trust me, it gets better.

Trust me, it gets better.

As these comics go public I admit I cringe with self-consciousness every time I look at my early drawings.  The first 20 or so pages that form the introduction to the storyline were drawn in 2011.  I had spent a year teaching myself to draw and found it increasingly difficult to find the time to both practice drawing and to actually try to draw some of the comic scenes I had written.  My solution was to do both at once; just draw the scenes as best I could and see what happened.  So really, these early pages were just one big experiment. Initially, they were never intended to be final copies.

I was experimenting with what the characters would look like, what pens to use, how to colour them, how to letter them… I had really intended to go back and re-do them.  Intentions.  Pfft.

As time passed, I could not justify going back to re-draw them and frankly, it’s kinda boring to re-do a page.  I was, and still am, more motivated to take what I learned from a finished page and move on to the next one.

If I am going to take my creative project public, I have to be willing to put a piece of myself out there even if I wince and cringe and feel self-conscious.  If I didn’t, well then, I would still be re-drawing those first few scenes because they weren’t ‘good enough’.  Over and over.  Do my current drawings look like ‘Amateur Hour’?  You bet.  But the progress is part of the story.

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