The View From a Plateau

View from a PlateauLearning curves are always a challenge, but like life, they rarely  happen in a smooth upward glide.  There are plateaus along the way.  Little oases occur where you can pause and catch your breath.  And then along comes the next step and you carry on up the curve once more.

Over the next few weeks, I will be posting the last few scenes of Chapter Two.  In real time, I am drawing the last scene of Chapter Three.  It is during chapter three where I have paused on a ‘learning to draw’ plateau to survey just how far I have come.  I don’t want to create high expectations, but the art definitely improves over the course of chapter three.  The view from the plateau is very satisfying.  I have come miles.

And now, the curve is looming above me and inviting me to go further.  There are more steps to take and more improvements to make… I don’t mind moving on to the next level, but the pause on this plateau was a rewarding respite.

New pages have been posted;

Enjoy the view;