A Creative Evening with Walrus Magazine

The BiebsThis past week, I attended the Walrus Talks; ‘Eighty minutes of lively, thought-provoking ideas exploring creativity in all of its forms’ presented by The Walrus Magazine.  Featuring nine speakers who each had 7 minutes to present, it was an evening well spent.

The topics ranged from live poetry to the importance of gossip, including dishing dirt on “The Biebs”.

My favourite presentation of the evening was Emma Donoghue’s comparison of creativity to sex… i.e. you can do it anywhere, there are endless variations, you can partner, or not…  well, you get the idea…

We all experience creativity in different ways, and we all have different definitions of what it means to be creative.

For more on Emma’s talk and the others, go to http://thewalrus.ca/

New pages creatively uploaded at www.contentmentisforcows.com.